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Attention to detail

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Attention to detail

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Does your child pay attention to detail?

If they don’t then they are definitely losing marks in exams, whatever their age.

Maybe you’re wondering why your intelligent child isn’t in the top set at school or isn’t achieving the grade they should get.

Have you ever looked at their work?

Do they check back on themselves when they write or when they are answering a Maths question? They probably don’t think they need to.

It probably isn’t even part of their process. It’s not something they even think of.

Yet there you are pulling your hair out for solutions of how to get a better grade.

Chorlton Tuition Centre can help you & your child.

This is part of our teaching process.

We make sure your child includes the skill of checking up on themselves when they answer questions.

We can help.

Call 0161-860 6888 to book your child’s free assessment.

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