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Chorlton Tuition Centre isn’t for you if….

Sophia studying verbal reasoning

Chorlton Tuition Centre isn’t for you if….

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Chorlton Tuition Centre isn’t for everyone.

If you are looking for tuition that is:

  1.  Really cheap & thoughtless with no planning or accountability.
  2.   Spoon feeding your child with every answer.
  3.  Not encouraging your child to think for themselves
  4.  Taught by students or similar who have NO classroom or real school experience.
  5.  Really lots & lots of worksheets with no rhyme or reason.
  6.  Random & it doesn’t matter if you turn up or not.
  7.  Hiding it’s earnings from HMRC & not paying tax.
  8.  Potentially not safe for your child with no DBS checks or Ofsted registration.
  9.  A baby sitting service. You can randomly drop off your child & pick up whenever.
  10.  A homework club for school.
  11.  Negative towards your child – looking at what they can’t do.
  12.  Impolite towards you & your child with no empthy towards your home life  & no understanding of being a parent.

Then Chorlton Tuition Centre is not for you or your child. Please don’t contact us on 0161-860 6888.



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