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Monday 19th October!

Sophia studying verbal reasoning

Monday 19th October!

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If your child is going into year 6 & due to take an Entrance Exam/ 11+ this year you will know that your child has an extra month to prepare.

This could be a great opportunity if you plan a daily schedule for your child until the exam. One month of extra practise.

This could be a disaster for you & your child if you do nothing. Other children WILL be making the most of this opportunity.

Chorlton Tuition Centre is open through the summer holidays . We are also taking bookings for September, when we will be open for 7 days a week. Mock Entrance exams are also available.

Chorlton Tuition Centre has been training children for Entrance Exams for 15 years. I also have recent personal experience of Entrance exams with my own children.

To book a free assessment call Graeme 0161-860 6888.

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