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Why should your tutor be an experienced teacher?

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Why should your tutor be an experienced teacher?

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Would you trust an unqualified electrician to fix your circuit board? Would your insurance company be happy with this?

No. You wouldn’t be able to make a claim on your insurance if you did this and your house burnt down!

How is having an unqualified teacher tutor your child any different? The results could be disastrous. With qualifications and experienced come skills that unqualified graduates simply don’t have.

If your reason for having an unqualified teacher tutor your child is based on finance you might be wasting the precious money that you  are already spending.

Chorlton Tuition Centre GUARANTEES that your child will be taught by an experienced professional teacher.

To book a free assessment call Graeme 0161-860 6888.

Why Graeme?

Graeme has 17 years experience of teaching in schools in London, Manchester, Derbyshire & Wales & has a wealth of experience of teaching in diverse settings as well as senior management experience.

Graeme has experience of teaching age ranges 5-16.

Graeme owns & operates Chorlton Tuition Centre, Manchester’s busiest, most popular award winning tuition centre & has been doing this for 15 years. He has also owned other tuition centres.

Graeme employs the best teachers available to tutor at Chorlton Tuition Centre. Teachers that he trusts with his own 3 children.

Graeme will treat your child as if they were his own. Only the best will do!




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