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Building a wall of Mathematics!


Building a wall of Mathematics!

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Mathematics is a core subject that plays a vital role in a student’s education. It forms the foundation for a wide range of disciplines, from science and engineering to finance and economics. However, many students struggle with maths and find it challenging to keep up with the coursework. This is often because they haven’t developed a strong foundation in the basics of maths. In this blog post, we’ll explore why the foundations of maths are so important in school.

Building Confidence

  1. Confidence is key when it comes to mathematics. Students who feel confident in their abilities are more likely to take on challenging concepts and excel in their coursework. A strong foundation in the basics of maths helps build this confidence. When students have a solid understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, they are better equipped to take on more advanced concepts.

Fostering problem solving skills

  1. The foundations of mathematics are essential for developing problem-solving skills. By mastering the basics, students learn to think logically and develop strategies to solve complex problems. This skill is not only useful in maths, but also in other areas of life, such as decision-making and critical thinking.

Enabling success in higher level courses

  1. Advanced maths concepts build upon the basics, so having a strong foundation is essential for success in higher-level courses. Students who struggle with the basics may find it difficult to keep up with more advanced coursework. By mastering the foundations of maths, students are better equipped to tackle more complex concepts.

Preparing for exams

  1. Many exams heavily rely on maths. Having a strong foundation in the basics of maths can help students perform better on these tests and improve their chances of getting into their desired college or university.

Developing life skills

  1. Maths is not just important for academics, but also for everyday life. From budgeting to cooking, understanding the basics of maths is essential for many real-world tasks. A strong foundation in the basics of maths can help students become more financially literate and make more informed decisions in their personal lives.

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If your Maths wall does not have solid foundations it will collapse

To factorise quadratics you have to know factors of numbers which means dividing or multiplying- if you haven’t got your basics how can you move forward!

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