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Encouraging your child to read.

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Encouraging your child to read.

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I was often told by by wonderful mother that I didn’t enjoy reading as a child.

Well mum, you got that one wrong! I really enjoy reading & if I could turn back time I would give her the following advice!


*Turn off your screens and make reading a part of family life. Have books available in your house. Be a role model & show children you too enjoy reading!

*Find stories that interest your child- I love crime stories today, but didn’t realise that as a child.

*Get your child to write stories.

*Enjoy bedtime stories together. Take it in turns to read each page.

*Make at least 1 day in every school holiday a family reading day!


I hope I haven’t offended my mum!


For further advice & ideas contact Chorlton Tuition Centre 0161-860 6888.

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