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Passing an 11+ Test


Passing an 11+ Test

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Passing an 11+ Test for Trafford Grammar schools now seems harder than ever.

More and more children are taking these tests. Stretford Grammar School is a good example.

The school has 160 places available for year 7.

The number of candidates in 2021 was 3500 and probably increased in 2022.

The fact that your child is near the top of their local primary School might not be enough.

Parents often don’t know the sheer volume of competition involved.

Add that to the devastating impact of Covid and school closures during closures during lockdown and you might have a problem.

Despite these challenges, there are still many ways for students to prepare for the 11+ exam and increase their chances of success. Enrolling in a reputable tuition centre, such as the Chorlton Tuition Centre, can provide students with the support and guidance they need to excel in their studies.

Parents often ask me when should they start preparing.

Education starts as soon as your child is born. Reading to your child, talking to them, counting with them can done when they are very young. Get your child ahead and they are likely to stay ahead throughout their school journey.

There are resources available for children in year 3. Start early. This will help them at school anyway. I’m not suggesting that all they do is study-but there is enough time in a day & week if you plan this out carefully. Take responsibility.

Parents can also play a crucial role in their child’s success by providing a supportive and encouraging environment at home. Encouraging regular study sessions, providing practice materials, and offering emotional support can all help students stay motivated and focused.

In conclusion, passing the 11+ test for Trafford Grammar schools now seems harder than ever, but it’s not impossible. With the right preparation, support, and dedication, students can achieve their goals and secure a place in a grammar school. So, let’s support our students and help them reach their full potential!

If you want help with this then give me a call.

It can be done.

Chorlton tuition centre would he recommend at least 2 lessons per week, plus work at home.

Give me a call 01618606888.

Passing an 11+ test


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