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Tuition Centre or Private Tutor? Questions to ask.

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Tuition Centre or Private Tutor? Questions to ask.

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So you want extra help with your child’s education. Do you choose a Private Tutor or do you go to a Tuition Centre?

The first question to ask BOTH is are you (or your staff) a fully qualified, experienced teacher?

If the answer is no, then you should look elsewhere- this is the most IMPORTANT question you just have to ask.

Next, you should ask about their expertise in Private Tuition or Tutoring. Experience is important- check their website or facebook page for reviews.

Have they won any awards for their work?

Check if they are using the National Curriculum- this is why they should be a fully qualified teacher.

Are they happy for you to speak to any other customers that they have?

What materials do they use to teach your child? How does it work?

Do they give homework and feedback from the lesson?

Will they advise you on activities that you can do at home?

Are they Ofsted registered & do they have a DBS check- that they can show you?

Tuition centre or private tutor
  1. What are my child’s specific academic needs? Consider what subjects your child needs help with and what areas they need to improve on. If your child requires help in multiple subjects, a tuition centre may be a better choice, as they usually offer support in a range of subjects. On the other hand, if your child needs help in a specific subject, a private tutor with expertise in that subject may be a better option,

How much time and flexibility do I need?

Private tutors can often offer more flexibility in terms of scheduling and can tailor their approach to meet your child’s needs. However, tuition centres usually offer set schedules and may require a regular commitment, which can be beneficial for students who need structure and routine.

What is the tutor or centre’s track record?

When considering a tutor or tuition centre, look for evidence of success. Ask for references or testimonials, and look for reviews online. Additionally, find out what kind of qualifications and experience the tutors have.

Ultimately, the choice between a tuition centre and private tutor will depend on your child’s individual needs and circumstances. Consider these questions carefully and do your research before making a decision.

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