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Will tuition help my child?

Sophia studying verbal reasoning

Will tuition help my child?

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At Chorlton Tuition Centre the lessons last 80 minutes.

If your child attended weekly during term times that would be 40 weeks x 80 minutes = 3200 minutes= just over 53 hours per year.

If you add the homework we provide, for example, 30 minutes  (although it could be more) x 40 weeks =  1200 hours, which is 20 hours of homework, then you are looking at over 70 hours of study.

If the work is pitched at the correct level for your child, which is guaranteed by the professional FULLY QUALIFIED teachers at Chorlton Tuition Centre, then all of this starts to add up!

Practise + Time + Professional guidance = PROGRESS!


We have seen children move up sets at school, & jump up levels & grades. BUT this can only happen if your child has the correct ingredients. We can’t wave a magic wand unfortunately.

Give your child the gift of confidence & success.

We can help your child at Chorlton Tuition Centre.

To book your child’s free assessment call Graeme 0161-860 6888.



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