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Momentum and Education!

Sophia studying verbal reasoning

Momentum and Education!

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Everyone enjoys the summer holidays and the long break from school – don’t they?

BUT things start to happen to your child when they’re off school for so long.

They lose their study habits and often forget what they have learnt.

School and education can be a good habit.

If your child studies Maths for 50-60 minutes a day their Maths will improve!

If your child studies English for an hour a day their English will improve.

That’s why the government introduced the Literacy Hour in 1996 (when I was a teacher!).


I love going on holiday with my family, but I know the effects that the lack of education will have on my children.

Their first week back at school will be spent going over things that they’ve already learnt.

But unlike many other parents I have a plan!

And you’re welcome to share it!

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