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What are Year 6 SATs?

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What are Year 6 SATs?

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Year 6 SATS are a series of tests designed for children in Year 6 in England Wales that usually take place in May

The SATs consist of 3 tests in Numeracy as well as tests in reading comprehension & SPAG (Spelling , Grammar & Punction).


Paper 1 Arithmetic 30 minutes 40 marks

Paper 2 Reasoning 40 minutes 35 marks

Paper 3 Reasoning 40 minutes 35 marks


Reading Comprehension

3 to 4 texts with level of difficulty increasing

Time 1 hour

Questions worth 1 , 2 or 3 marks



Paper 1 short answer questions on spelling, grammar, punctuation & vocabulary 45 minutes

Paper 2 Spelling Task 20 questions

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